Where Do Homes Lose Cool Air in High Point, NC?

Now that warmer weather is approaching in High Point, NC, the question of how to maximize air conditioning efficiency has become especially pressing. Cool air loss is a common threat to AC efficiency, so it’s important to understand how cool air can escape your home without you realizing it. Let’s review several places where homes often lose cool air.

Old Windows

Your windows may be costing you cool air this spring. For example, you may forget to close your windows completely. Your windows may also have tiny cracks in them or might be single-pane, making it easier for cool air to escape or heat to transfer inside.

Insufficient Insulation

When people think of insulation, they generally regard it as a means to keep heat in, but it can just as easily be a means of keeping unwanted heat out. The heat of the warm spring weather will try entering your home through your walls or your HVAC ducts. A sufficient amount of insulation can prevent this.

A good rule of thumb is that if it’s been more than approximately 15 years since you’ve had new insulation, it’s probably time to renew what you have. Be sure to concentrate on your walls, ceiling, attic and ductwork.

Leaky Ductwork

Over time, as debris-filled air blows through your ducts, it can cause abrasions and create tiny holes through which air can escape. It’s important that HVAC service technicians find and seal such holes for you.

Additionally, improving your indoor air quality (IAQ) can have the secondary effect of reducing the probability that that kind of abrasion damage will occur in the first place. Cleaning the air in your home can improve your HVAC efficiency in many ways.

Preventing excess air loss from your home this spring is essential. Call Johns Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc for quality air conditioning repair services in High Point, NC.

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