How to Handle a Water Leak in Greensboro, NC

A plumbing leak can be either a minor nuisance or a complete catastrophe. Given this wide range of possible severity, it’s essential for Greensboro, NC, homeowners to know what to do once their plumbing begins leaking. Here are a few basic pointers on how to handle a water leak:

Look for Clues

Some leaks are obvious because they involve water spouting abundantly from your faucet or other piece of plumbing. Others — especially the more serious ones — are more subtle. Without keeping an eye out for the clues pointing to a leak, you may not discover one until it becomes too severe to ignore.

Warped flooring is one of the less obvious clues. You should also watch out for damp floors and walls. The same goes for persistent dripping sounds and musty or damp smells.

Try to Determine Its Severity

Leaks that are out in the open, like gushing from the pipes under your faucet, may be easy to contain if you turn off the flow of water and plug up the afflicted pipe until a professional arrives. Others — especially if under your floors or behind your walls — will be much more difficult to stop because they require plumbers to reach deeper into your plumbing. They may also be larger leaks.

Assessing the severity of the problem to the best of your ability can provide some help to professionals. If you can make even some basic observations, plumbers will better understand the job they’ll have in front of them and come prepared.

Ask for Help With Your Water Leak

Call plumbers so that they may assess and fix your leak. Depending on its severity, they’ll have to either plug up damaged pipes or install new plumbing in the affected areas.

Water leaks can cause lots of damage in your home if you don’t fix them immediately. Call the pros at Johns Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc to schedule plumbing repair services in Greensboro, NC, today.

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